My name is Mariela Vieira, I am the Head Nurse at the peritoneal dialysis clinics Seine and Senniad (adults and children) where I work since 1994. Seine and Senniad clinics joined Diaverum in 2012. 

After obtaining the Nursing degree, my training in adult PD began at the University Hospital (Hospital de Clínicas). Then, and once admitted to the Senniad pediatric clinic, I found myself with the challenge of working with children, which led to the need to do an internship at the Garraham Hospital in Buenos Aires Argentina, to acquire the necessary knowledge. 

In the following years of my professional training I obtained the Specialty in Adult Nephrology, Pediatric Nephrology and Healthcare Administration 

In these years of profession, I actively participated in nephrology congresses as a speaker in Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil; and in 2021 in the Latin American SUEN Congress (Uruguayan Society of Nursing in Nephrology) via the Internet, even in during the pandemic. 

In 2002 I participated in the publication of an article in the journal Pediatric Nephrology called "Twenty years of pediatric peritoneal dialysis in Uruguay". 

In 2005, with our healthcare team, we presented the paper "Infectious Complications in PD" at the Argentine Congress, which won the first prize. 

Currently, as a teacher, I am part of a SUEN courses where I `m presenting classes on "Training in children and adolescents". 

This year, I joined the Latin American pediatric group for the development of universal PD protocols. 

From a very young age, I felt a deep inclination for teaching, which makes my work much more enjoyable. The exchange with patients with such different characteristics, and the possibility of working out of the doors of the clinic, gives me a much more enriching perspective. 

I`m part of a solid nursing team, with whom I maintain a very pleasant and fluid communication. 

My work permanently inspires me to improve the care we provide to our patients.