Holger Crafoord and Nils Alwall in front of the first Gambro kidney (Photo belongs to Lund University, Sweden).

Our heritage goes back to professor Nils Alwall, nephrology chair at Lund University, and one of the founding fathers of dialysis who inspired the creation of Gambro Inc, one of the major dialysis equipment manufacturers for many decades.

Our origin dates back to the founding of Gambro Healthcare division and the opening of the first dialysis clinic in Sweden, Lund, in 1991.

From Sweden, Gambro healthcare clinics expanded to the rest of the world, and in 2007 operated 153 clinics in 11 countries, treating more than 14 000 renal patients.

In 2007, Gambro Healthcare was acquired by Bridgepoint with the vision to help healthcare systems across the world to provide universal access to world-class renal care and deliver life enhancing renal care to patients globally.

Together with the new vision, the name Diaverum was adopted and launched worldwide.

During the following years, Diaverum became synonymous with quality, clinical governance and culture of true care, while during the same period it has expanded substantially and today operates  441 clinics in 24 countries serving more than 38 000 patients globally.


Important milestones in our history

Below are important milestones and events of Diaverum’s history of growth.


Gambro Healthare begins its operations in the country incorporating the first clinics: Intir (in Montevideo), Crani Lagomar, Crani Minas and Crani Treinta y Tres.


During this period, already as Diaverum, the operation expands with the incorporation of the Renis (Montevideo) and Unedi (Las Piedras) clinics. It also expands the variety of services offered through new clinics of peritoneal dialysis and pediatric dialysis (Seine and Senniad).


With the relocation of Intir and Renis clinics, our flagship clinic opens in the Tres Cruces area with enhanced infrastructure and new technology.


We started providing dialysis services in Maldonado Department through the incorporation of the Ceter clinic, expanding our holiday dialysis program.